Fireport fire hatch new in the web shop

New in our web shop: the Fireport hatch.

Fireport fire hatch, these are fire hatches that can be mounted in the engine room of a boat or in the cover of an outboard engine. They allow you to extinguish a fire quickly and safely without opening the room or the cover.

With an FSS extinguisher, the room will quickly fill with extinguishing gas and the fire will be extinguished. Due to the closed space, the fire will hardly have a chance to flare up again. The size of the hatch is ideal for the FSS extinguisher.

The Fireport fire hatch is available in two versions. A stainless steel version which is of good quality and has a nice appearance. There is also a white version, which is made of plastic and therefore lightweight.



FSS Nederland: Fireport blusluik